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"A happy, safe & wiggle-free diaper change"


Annika Wiig, Fredericia, Denmark
“My boyfriend once dropped our 2 month old baby boy on the floor. We were out visiting my parents in law, and im tidying up the toys from the floor, while my boyfriend was just about to change his diaper on the changing table. I often told my boyfriend – NEVER turn away or leave the baby while he is on the changing table, and always hold one hand on the baby while changing… – but this time he didn’t. I watch our son roll to the side and falling, hitting a play kitchen on the way down!” Click to read more real life stories

Did you know, hundreds of children is falling from changing stations, ending up in hospitals, some with severe head traumas? Statistics from Danish hospital in Odense – OUH, proves with detailed reports, that this is a very serious danger and the accidents actually happens. Many parents tell the ER that they actually stood just in front of the changing station, when their baby fell down, and this makes them question them selves… could they have done anything more to prevent the accident to occur? Read the statistics here (danish).


Bergmark Copenhagen tests all products by SGS international and only manufacture non-toxic and if possible, organic, textiles. We test our products after the very strict EU standard EN13210, EN-71-1, EN-71-2 and EN-71-3 and all tests passed, before starting our orders. We aim to be 100% organic before 2018, and even though our products live up to all EU requirements, we always try to better our products in fabrics, components and quality.